How does ATC w/ Autocheckout work?


See below for more details:


- Click the the shoe you want.

- Complete ATC Order Form, click Submit. This form must be completely accurate or your slot will not be processed.

- You will receive an email from us by the end of the day, stating that we received your ATC Autocheckout order along with important tips.

- On release day, you do absolute nothing but wait for an email from an online shoe store saying that you've successfully purchased the shoe OR if no confirmation email by noon PST, that means we were not successful.

- If we are successful with the autocheckout process, you'll have 12 hours to send ATC fee via the payment method you've selected on the ATC form (venmo/zelle/applepay/paypal/cashapp). 

*** Some websites are very strict and sometimes asks for payment verification. This normally happens when you do not call your bank/credit card company the day before. This step is very vital to the autocheckout process***

*** If you are planning to manually secure a pair, please be sure to use a totally different credit card with different billing address, phone number, email than the one for your ATC order.

DOs and Don'ts during release day



- Call your bank/ccard company at least the day before the release and let them know not to block any transactions from footsites/adidas OR you will lessen your chance of securing your pair.

- Ensure you have enough $ in the card you've provided (retail price of shoe, tax: varies depending on your state, shipping: $8 - $15).




- Message me 5 minutes after release time asking "Am I good?, Did you cop my pair?, Anything?, What's going on?"   -  Allow me to do my part.


 *** Good rule of thumb: If by noon Pacific Standard Time and you have NOT received a confirmation email from footsites/yeezysupply/supreme, that normally means you did NOT cop ***

*** I do run for restocks all day during release day and sometimes days after and have hit on restocks on previous releases. So for those who do not hit on the morning release, I will keep your slot(s) running unless you instruct me otherwise.

*** Releases may take anywhere from 2-45 minutes and sometimes longer to autocheckout. Please be patient.  

     ***some online stores will try to keep charging your credit card a few times until purchase is complete.  So you might see several charges on your credit card transaction.  Those are authorizations only and will drop off your credit card activity in a couple of days.  If you are not ok with that, then please do not place your ATC order.***

*** Purchasing our ATC services DOES NOT GUARANTEE that your shoe will autocheckout.  It guarantees that your chances will be much higher/better than someone clicking away in front of a computer.  Great thing about our service is that if we are not able to autocheckout your shoes/item, no charge will appear on your credit card.

For more questions, please shoot us an email: