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1.  Please make sure that your credit card information that you will provide us is completely accurate.


    - double, triple check credit card info before sending it over.

    - we highly recommended to contact your credit card company at least the day before release and inform them not to decline any transaction attempts from online shoe stores. We cannot stress enough on how important this step is. This could literally be the difference of you securing your shoes or not.

    - after a successful autocheckout, we also highly recommend to call the your credit card company and tell them to let the transaction through.  We understand that this sounds like it's a lot of calling.  However, this will help you greatly on preventing order cancellations.

    - ***some online stores will try to keep charging your credit card a few time until purchase is complete.  So you might see several charges on your credit card transaction.  Those are authrorizations only and will drop off your credit card activity in a couple of days.  If you are not ok with that, then please do not place your ATC order.***


2.  Shoes may take anywhere from 2-45 minutes and sometimes longer to be added to your cart and to autocheckout. Please be patient.  


3.  If the shoe websites sends a tweet that they are out of stock or sold out we will run for restocks until noon PST unless you instruct us otherwise.

    - please keep in mind that all refund requests will be reviewed and we may ask to show proof.

    - we also track all transactions so we will know who autocheckedout successfully or not successfully.