A:   KicksCartedEasy is a service that assist adding your size to cart and autocheckout for you.

Q:  What type of payment do we accept?

A:  Square, PayPal and credit card through our website. PayPal checkout will accept credit cards without creating a PayPal account.


Q:  What if the shoe you want is not listed on our website?

A:  Simply shoot us an email and we will make it happen.

Q:  Do you guys do autocheckout for Supreme/Footsites/Adidas/Finishline?

A:  Yes.

Q:  How does our service work?

A:  Please refer to our "How does ATC work?" page

Q:  Will our service guarantee 100% that you will secure your pair?

A:  No.  No add to cart with autocheckout sevice can 100% guarantee your pair.  With our service, we can guarantee that your chances of securing your pair will be much better and much higher.


Q:  Do you need to give us your credit card information?

A;  Yes, you will need to complete our KCE ATC Order Form after you have selected which shoe/item.


Q:  Can you use a prepaid credit card?

A:  Yes.  We suggest Vanilla Visa, PayPal Prepaid MasterCard, or Privacy Cards - these cards seem to work just fine.

Q:  What about refund when our service is unsuccessful?

A:  No refund is necessary if we are unsuccessful as we are a "Pay After Success" ATC meaning we do not charge you unless we are successful on your autocheckout.

Q:  Are we responsible if your order gets cancelled?

A:  No we are not responsible for order cancellations as we have no control of the shoe website's inventory.

      - We suggest that you contact the store if/when you receive a confirmation email.  Some stores may require further credit card authorization (your responsibility).

Q:  What if you want more than one pair?

A:  If you want multiple pairs, please shoot us an email before purchasing.


Q:  What if online stores decides to do a raffle or draw online instead of an online release and you have already signed up for a slot can we cancel?

A:  Yes, no questions asked.


** If you have further questions, please email us at info@kickscartedeasy.com and we will respond promptly.