Please read our terms and instructions:

- By completing our KCE ATC Order form, you are agreeing for us to use your information for the ATC Autocheckout process of your shoe/item.


- After a successful ATC Autocheckout, the card provided will be charged: 

  - ATC Autocheckout fee

  - Retail price of shoe/item, tax, and shipping

 - First time users, please read our "How does ATC work?" page

- I understand that my ATC slot(s) will be ran on multiple sites when possible to increase the chance of success. In cases where I end up with multiple pairs per order, I can keep all pairs or return them and I will only be charged 1 time per ATC slot.

**Pay After Success ATC process**


- Click the the shoe you want.

- Complete ATC Order Form, click Order. This form must be completely accurate so please double check before submitting or your order will not be processed and you will lose your ATC slot automatically.

If you cancel your slot, you will be charged a cancellation fee which is 100% of the ATC fee.

- On release day, you do absolute nothing but wait for an email from an online shoe store such as Footlocker saying that you've successfully purchased the shoe -OR- if you do not receive a confirmation email by noon PST, that means we were not successful on securing your pair.

- If we are successful with the autocheckout process, the credit card that you will provide on the order form will be charged: ATC Autocheckout fee, retail of shoe/item, tax, and shipping (unless shipping is free). 

*** Some websites are very strict and sometimes asks for payment verification. This normally happens when you do not call your bank/credit card company the day before. This step is very vital to the autocheckout process***

*** If you are planning to manually secure a pair, please be sure to use a totally different credit card with different billing address, phone number, email than the one for your ATC order. Otherwise, YeezySupply, SNKRS, and Adidas will cancel one or all successful orders. This only applies on YeezySupply, SNKRS, and Adidas ATC. Same credit card can be used for Footsite ATC such as Footlocker ***

*** Please make sure that you have a U.S. billing and shipping address ***

***  We are not responsible if these sites sends the wrong size when our success screens/logs shows the size you ordered ***

Failure to abide by our terms will result in your order(s) to not be processed. We reserve the right not to serve those who are not in compliance with our terms.